Zone-level Training Program

Governors-elect Training Seminar (GETS)

Governors-elect Training Seminar (GETS) is a regional meeting that prepares the incoming class of governors to successfully lead their district. The GETS program focuses on additional leadership topics, updates on Rotary initiatives, and preparing participants for the International Assembly.

Governor-elect Partner Training

Governor-elect Partner Training is a regional meeting that prepares the governor-elect partner to connect to the larger Rotary world, shows the opportunities to adapt to experience being a district governor’s partner in the following year. It also provides the opportunity to network with one another, learn more about Rotary and how Rotary serves the world, share tips and resources, and experience the great diversity of Rotary.

Governors-nominee Training Seminar (GNTS)

Governors-nominee Training Seminar (GNTS) is a regional meeting that helps governors-nominee begin preparing for their role as district governor. GNTS, along with the recommended courses in Rotary’s Learning Center, are the foundation for their training at next year’s GETS.

District Trainer Seminar (DTS)

District Trainer Seminar (DTS) focuses on the skills needed to be an effective district trainer and allows district trainers to share best practices.

Council on Legislation (COL) Training

Council on Legislation (COL) Training is a training session for District Council representatives and alternate representatives that provides an overview of the Council, contains a mock Council session, and allows new representatives the opportunity to consult with past representatives. There is a separate additional session within the Rotary Institute open to all other rotarians, in which any Rotarian can discuss proposed legislation, which will allow Council representatives to gain knowledge of the issues and opinions of other Rotarians about various items of legislation. The RI Board may also recommend items of legislation that they feel should be discussed by Rotarians during this session.

Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar (RRFS)

Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar (RRFS) provides an opportunity for district leaders to learn more about The Rotary Foundation, to share ideas and connect with one another for collaborative service efforts.

Rotary Institute

Rotary Institute brings current and past RI officers together to inform them on the latest Rotary developments, including policies and programs. Participants exchange ideas and highlight successful efforts in their zones.